We all hope to find that one perfect fish in the sea, but in the midst of all that we forgot how important real fish is for us

Any doctor, nutritionist, nutritional consultant, or registered dietitian will tell you that the regular consumption of fish is crucial to the diet. The thing about food is that most of us already know what is healthy and what is not, but we are more likely to implement this change in our lives only if we know why it will benefit us. As a nutrition student I know a lot about different foods and their beneficial compounds, but there are new articles published daily and when I come upon them I am even shocked at the research they explain. This is one of the major reasons I love studying nutrition. There is so much to know and the information is changing constantly, helping us learn more about how to keep our bodies pure and healthy.

An article featured on NPR entitled, “Women Who Eat Fish Twice Weekly Cut Their Risk Of Hearing Loss” captured my attention a few weeks ago and I had to take time to read and research it. Of course it caught my eye more because I am a female and study nutrition as well as gerontology, or more commonly known as elderly studies. The NIH as health professionals call the Nutrition Institute of Health, conducted a study where they asked women over the age of 65 a series of questions in order to gauge their hearing abilities. A published study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition proves that women who consume fish on a regular basis have a decreased risk of developing hearing loss than those who eat fish on a rare occasion or completely avoid it. More specifically, women who consumed two or more servings of fish on a weekly basis lowered their risk of hearing loss by 20 percent. The major health benefits of fish are due to the abundance of readily available omega-3 antioxidants, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and vitamin C (NPR).

Hearing loss is only avoidable to an extent because it is a natural part of senescence, the process of aging. A combination of eating more fish and avoiding loud noises can protect the ears against damage and hearing loss. The science si that the increased omega-3 consumption through eating more fish leads to adequate cochlear blood flow, which is vital to the protection of our hearing processes. What is so important about omega 3 fatty acids are that they are polyunsaturated, meaning they have more than one single bond so the body can absorb them easily and avoid causing any harmful blockages.

The fats that cause these harmful blockages are trans fats. Amazing news I read recently was that the FDA is banning trans fats from all foods stating on June 18th 2018! Now, this will not excite everyone because they do not know how dangerous they are to our health. The main harm is that they cause artery blockages and lead to many diseases, but watch these super short videos for more details!

Watch this short video to learn about trans fats:


And this short video to see what the government is doing about it:


So, Dr. Seuss might not have been on to something by teaching children about fish at such an early age, but it is never too late to start eating more fish to protect your health and now even your hearing!

Stay happy and healthy,

Rachel Montalbano

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Here’s Why Your Next Cup of Coffee is on Me

Coffee is here to stay. The controversy over if coffee is beneficial or detrimental for our health goes back many years. Really think about it, how much coffee do you have per day?

As children, most of us couldn’t wrap our minds around how our parents could possibly drink something so bitter. As we grow up, we slowly try coffee a few times and each successive time we seem to hate it more than the last. I started drinking coffee in high school, but it was actually more of a hassle because I had to run to the deli across the street and be back in my seat in time for class. I had enough energy to get through the day, so why did I want the coffee? Growing up we see what adults do and what makes you seem more “grown up.” What is a busy adult always holding in his or her hand? You guessed it, a nice tall cup of fresh brewed coffee. Now, a lot of us have coffee right when we wake up, in the middle of the day, after we eat lunch and dinner, and even again while snuggled up in front of the TV before bed.

According to Dr. Rob van Dam in an article he wrote for the Harvard School of public Health, there was a Harvard study consisting of about 130,000 volunteers all between 40-59 years of age. This was a longitudinal study, where the volunteers were followed for 18 to 24 years. The study group was made up of coffee drinkers and the control group consisted of non-coffee drinkers. The researchers tracked mortality rates as well as diet and lifestyle habits, all being related to their coffee consumption. When comparing the study and control groups, no one had an increased mortality or cardiovascular disease risk due to coffee consumption. The researchers concluded that in the event that you are not drinking copious amounts of coffee to make you jittery and impede your daily performance, then you are in the clear. We are trained to think that if something isn’t good for you, but we do not know if it is bad for you, it is most likely harmful. This is the case in smoking and having poor food choices, but not with coffee.

Coffee has actually proven to benefit our health. This is good since 54% of American adults already drink coffee every day, with an average of about 3 cups per day. There is a suggested limit, and that is 6 cups of coffee in any given day. The beauty of changing the chemical compound caffeine into a tasty beverage helps is that it provides us with a readily available way to protect against type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, gallstones, liver cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. There is more research being done on this topic all of the time, and at this point, we are being advised to increase our coffee consumption.

Experiments are as close to the boy in the giant bubble phenomena as we can get. All of the variables that can be controlled are, but the truth is that people who drink coffee avidly also have a high incidence of smoking, eating poorly, and neglecting their exercise.

There are some people who should avoid coffee, but not because it is unhealthy. These conditions are pregnant women because it can affect fetal growth as well as people with uncontrolled high blood pressure. Coffee does help prevent the incidence of diabetes, but once someone has diabetes, decreasing the amount of coffee they drink or switching to decaf may be beneficial.

Soft drinks have much more caffeine than coffee does, and it is important to remember that tea has caffeine in it as well. Caffeine is chemically addictive, and according to the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal are actually considered a mental disorder. Caffeine is addictive because it rewires the brain and alters our neurological pathways. It makes us more alert by entering the brain and blocking the intake of adenosine, through competitive inhibition. Adenosine is a natural compound produced by our cells that binds to receptors on the brain and induces tiredness. After a while, the brain’s physical and chemical makeup has been altered, and the body tries to maintain equilibrium. Without the influx of caffeine, the body enters withdrawal, with the most evident system being a deleterious headache that only goes away when the body gets it’s next caffeine fix.

Coffee stains on paper and the smell that permeates the room are actually comforting for many. Caffeine in moderate amounts is not harmful and I believe it actually benefits us. Yes, it actually tricks your mind into being awake, but it has an association with hard work and persistence that I believe is very advantageous. When I go to my kitchen to make that 10 pm Cup O’ Joe I know it is going to keep me up for my late night of studying at school, but it fills me with this deep sense of commitment to complete all of my work and each sip is like a little hoorah from my own personal cheerleading team.

Stay Healthy and Happy,

Rachel Montalbano

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My guide to reading a food label and your new key to understanding nutrition terminology!

Do you want to not only lose weight, but feel revitalized in everything you do? Of course you do! No one wants to feel sluggish, but losing weight is hard to do! It looks so easy when other people do it, right? Well, I’m going to let you in on some tips and tricks that you can use to read food labels easier and learn to translate all of that nutritional jargon you hear all around.

Imagine if you were having a conversation with someone and they said, “You need to eat fructose, avoid trans fats and cholesterol, eat fewer calories, get more fiber, and eat nutrient dense foods.” You would probably step back and say, “Excuse me? Are we speaking the same language?”

One of the main reasons people are hesitant to start a diet plan or eat healthier is because they start it and are very excited, but then they are suddenly bombarded with all of these confusing and tongue-tying terms. With anything else, reading food labels and learning about nutrition gets easier with practice. First, I am going to show you an empty Nutrition Facts Label and explain it’s terms.

This is a very important tool in your nutrition toolbox. The Nutrition Facts Label is just another paper telling you what is in your food, and it is conveniently attached to your food item. Below is a filled in food label that I will walk you through easily and you will be a pro at the end of this article!

When I read a food label, the first item I look at is the serving size. This guides you on how much of the food item to eat at once. Sure, olives are healthy and everyone thinks you can eat as much of anything as long as it is healthy, but moderation is key with every food. According to this label, one half of a cup of olives is 90 calories. The whole jar has 4 servings, which means that it has 2 cups of olives. You take the serving size and multiply it by the number of servings in order to see the amount of the food in the container. Let’s talk calories. A calorie is actual a unit of energy that the food gives you. So calories are good! The average person needs 2,000 calories per day and each food label says that the percent values it gives you are “based on a 2,000 calorie diet.” We each have different caloric needs based on our height, weight, and energy expenditure. To maintain your weight, you want to stick to the amount of calories you doctor or nutritionist tells you that your resting metabolic rate, or the amount of calories your body burns at rest, equates to.

The percent daily value tells you where this food fits into your entire day’s diet. For instance, 4 olives provides you with 12% of the fiber you need in a day. You will get the rest of the fiber you need from other foods such as fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are powerhouses of fiber and carbohydrates. CARBS ARE NOT BAD! Your brain thrives off of carbohydrates and glucose, but these must be from nutrient-dense foods! A nutrient dense food is one that provides you with healthy and beneficial ingredients. On the other hand, calorie-dense foods are those that have “empty calories” and do not help you be healthy. They have more sugar and fat, while nutrient dense foods have fiber, carbs, protein, and healthy sugar. Sugars are those weird words with “-ose” at the end of them. Sucrose, fructose, and glucose are the main ones. Fruits do not have food labels, but they have fructose in them and are healthy! I use the phrase “Fructose is the fruit sugar” to remember this.

I am so happy you decided to begin a healthier lifestyle! That is a MAJOR accomplishment in itself. You now have so many new tools in your toolbox to implement. Use one or two per day and they will become second-nature and the pounds will fly off!

This amazing post was written by Rachel – she just graduated from Syracuse and is going to be getting her Masters in Nutrition! She is here for the summer and is hanging around with me (by her choice) to see how someone in this business works! I love this post and I am happy she chose me to hang around with this summer! Bravo girl, keep it up!

As always – Yours in Health –

Tanya Dolan-Guthrie

Not just another nutrition or weight loss blog?! YES, with a challenged attached!

Yea, sure! They are all the same! I don’t want to read more about health and nutrition! Give it up already, I want to eat junk food all day! Eating well is just too expensive! Your just being too obsessive over your food!

And the list goes on! These are all things people might say when someone else starts a blog about health, nutrition, food, weight loss, supplements, exercise, etc … Well, I think there is just NOT enough! If there were too many, we would have a lot more healthier people walking around, instead of a lot of sick people walking around!

The thing that makes the people who write about health and nutrition different is that we actually care! Yes, CARE a lot about our health, and that of our fellow people! We want people to be educated and to make better choices for themselves. We want people to strive to become a better them, most likely just how I have become a better me. I was not always as healthy as I am today. I used to eat junk foods, drink soda, and not care about where my food came from or what was in it. These times have changed for me, and I pretty much beg you people out there, to do the same for yourself!

The new year is right around the corner and many people start to think of their new year’s resolutions, and most people chose to lose weight, get back into shape, regain health, or eat better. They either pick 1 of these things or a few of them.

So, here is my challenge to you: PICK ONE AND START DOING IT!

Do not wait, start now, start with small changes every day. Not ready to do that, well, OK why not pick just ONE thing to do until the new year starts, then we can work on the rest!

If you are not ready to make the plunge yet and you would like to wait to the new year, no problem! The program I run at my office called New Year, New You will begin on Monday, January 5, 2015. This will be a day that I start helping many people regain their health. I will have a few different programs you can chose from to start your new life and lifestyle. I know we are far away from January and sure you might be saying, well, Tanya I am ready to start NOW! Well, OK then contact me and let’s get started!! No one ever has to wait!

Even if you have health and nutrition based questions, please feel free to contact me whenever!! I am here to help you!

Yours in health,

Tanya Dolan, Nutritional Consultant

Incledon Chiropractic, Boynton Beach, Florida

Cell: 561-389-7803

Why you should LOVE Purium as much as I do!

Petroleum in Vitamins

Yea, yea OK you might say, well, let’s see if I can change your mind a bit, or at least get you to re-evaluate why you should be using them rather than what you might already have.

1st off, I utilize 2 different brands of supplements SOLELY:  Standard Process and Purium. Both companies have got it completely figured out. They have taken the guess work out of everything and simplified it for you! One may need guidance in choosing what is right for them or proper dosing, however one you understand, you will have great success using either products (or both)!

Both products are made from high quality food or herbal (or a combination of both) based ingredients. Both are organic! Both are GMO free! Some products you can even get vegan or gluten free. Why is all of this so important? Well, it goes to show that both of these products are 100% natural and not made in a lab somewhere, and none of these are synthetic or made out of petroleum products. When products are food based your body can utilize the entire product, where synthetic vitamins your body can only use about 50-60% on a good day. Sounds like a waste of money to me. Also, when a product is whole food based, it contains a fuller spectrum of the vitamin, rather than just a single isolate of the whole vitamin.

Sure both products have their strong points, however, neither really have weaknesses. The hardest part of Standard Process and MediHerb (their herbal line), is that it is only available to be purchased in a licensed practitioners office. If you do see it available online for purchase I would be weary. When you are buying from a licensed professional, you can rest assured that you are getting the exact product and have no worry that something has been tampered with. Whereas Purium is available for purchase on their website. Again, I would only buy from them or from someone you know that is an independent distributor. I would not feel comfortable purchasing from any other source.

The thing that makes Purium really stand out is their 10-day transformation. These products are amazing, and when  you can dedicate yourself to a new start in your life, whether it be for weight loss or just to simply be a healthier you, these products deliver, and deliver exactly what they claim to! I am walking proof! I did the 10-day transformation and lost 9.4lbs, and several inches. I am continuing to use their products (Master Amino Acid Pattern, Apotho-Cherry, and a supplement pack that contains heart health, joint health, and healthy hair and nails support). It was life changing to try these products and to open my horizons to another product that was whole food based and that could produce such great results.  Now I happily can endorse them and back them 100%!

Sure Standard Process has similar programs, and they are great. Their most utilized cleanse is their 21-day purification program. This is wonderful as well. To me, this program is better suited for someone who is at a point where they either just want to do a 21-day program to purify and just go on eating the way they were before, or someone just looking for body maintenance (their yearly cleanse).  This can also be used for a long term weight loss goal, because you will learn an entire different way of eating. Doing the 10-day Purium transformation you eat a lot less and not an amount that would be sufficient for a long time. They do have continuation programs available after you complete a 10-day transformation to keep you going so you can gain further success. That is a great tool to have and to be able to use! They say it takes 21-day to make or break a habit!

Bottom line – re-evaluate your supplements today! If they are not made from food, chances are they are made in a lab along side prescription drugs. Why would anyone want that? Why not be able to have a supplement that is food based that your body can use rather than seeing as toxic? There is NO reason to sacrifice your health for a few dollars. If you think supplements are expensive and you can not afford them, then maybe you should adopt a better diet where supplementation might not be as critical. If one eat the typical “american diet” then they need proper supplementation. If one eats a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, lean meats, high quality oils, beans quinoa, brown rice, and other high quality foods, they will not need as much supplementation, and might even be able to skip it, if it is too expensive. EVERYONE needs supplementation if they can afford it. Our soils are depleted and the food that comes from the Earth is just not as vitamin rich as it used to be. Scary truth!

12 days post Purium 10-day transformation – What I am doing now

I can barely believe it has been 12 days since I did my 10-day transformation from #Purium. I am still down 5lbs (so I gained back 4.4lbs). I did know I would gain weigh back once I started introducing more food into my diet, like beans, fish, chicken, eggs, nuts, and red meats (very very little). Oh and of course a lot more fruits and veggies. I am still maintaining a mostly organic diet as well. The proteins I am eating are of the utmost quality as well (grass-ved, wild, no hormones, cage free, no antibiotics). I am still doing some of the power shake from Purium, and the fiber. I also do the Apotho-Cherry in the evenings. I have eaten some cheese/dairy, however not very much and not on a daily basis. I have consumed a bit or 2 of bread (which I normally NEVER do) and that will most likely be it for quite sometime.

With all that being said, it was a great tool to use to jump start myself again, to get back onto the track I wanted, and to overcome my plateau. Was I unhappy I gained the weight back? No. I knew it was going to happen. Am I still happy with the way I look and how my clothes are fitting? Yes!

The Purium 10-day Transformation was a WONDERFUL cleanse that I would recommend to anyone. The results are amazing, and you can learn a lot about food, and yourself when you do it. Not only is it about losing weight, it is about becoming a NEW YOU, and overcoming boundaries, and food addictions. It is rare that you meet someone who is overweight, unhealthy, and that is HAPPY. They are usually seemingly happy on the outside, and once comfortable to share their stories reveal how extremely unhappy they are.

If you have interest in doing the Purium 10-day transformation, please contact me. I can set you up and coach you the entire time. It would be my pleasure. The only cost to you is the products you have to purchase. Not quite ready to do a 10-day cleanse? That is OK too! You can still contact me and I can help you achieve any health goals you have – ANY GOAL – big or small!

Email: TanyaDolan1@yahoo.com

Phone: 561-389-7803

The end of my 10-day transformation with Purium! LOVED IT!

Yes, I am late posting this, and I apologize!

Results are in: 9.4 pounds have been shed, and 4.5 total inches in 10 days!

I am beyond excited with the results of my 10-day transformation with Purium! Not only am I stoked about the weight and inches lost, I am excited about how I am feeling and looking! My skin looks and feels amazing and radiant! And I must admit, it feels great when people notice your hard work and dedication. Oh and wearing jeans that were too small before, that feels the best!

Not only do I feel proud of what I did, and how I stuck with it, I feel a new sense of self and identity. I feel like I am back and focused more and once again extremely aware of foods and drinks that I am consuming. I was aware before, and I will admit, was not always as strict as I needed to be. Also, since I was not consuming a lot of foods I feel like I can scale some of my portions back and still feel satisfied after eating.

This program is a great tool for ANYONE to use to regain their health, lose weight/overcome a plateau, or who is looking to jump start a weight loss program. It will take dedication and some planning, however, it is easier than one would imagine. The initial days are the toughest, and I am sure most can agree with that. By days 8, 9, and 10, I was ready to continue on the program and not even stop! I was happy with what I saw in the mirror and did not want it to stop!

What I have done since the end of the program:

I have incorporated more foods into my diet, with still maintaining a very strict diet and amount of food. I have NOT consumed any red meats, or grains. My first meal was about 4 ounces of grilled Mahi Mahi with green beans and fruit. I have added in some cottage cheese and eggs as well. I am still maintaining the shakes (maybe not 3  a day, usually just 2), and organic fruit and veggies. I am still feeling great and none of the foods I reintroduced into my diet have bothered me or made me feel ill.

My plan is to keep close to eating in this fashion and trying to get under 130 pounds. My final weight was 131.8 pounds, so I do not have far to go! I may or may not plan on doing this program before getting married, October 11, 2014. If I do not do it by then, I will certainly do another one before the end of the year! I loved it, and recommend it to anyone that has any sort of weight loss or health goals.

If you have any interest in this program, or would like to ask me more questions about it, please let me know! My direct e-mail is TanyaDolan1@yahoo.com.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement along the way!!